Is Jesus Really Enough?

Whether a woman is single, separated, divorced, or like me, in a difficult marriage, the longing of our heart is met with sentiments like: God is your husband, you don’t need a man to complete your or make you whole, and Jesus is enough.

I’m not disputing any of those three claims.

God is my husband. He leads, protects, provides and loves me better and more completely than any man ever could.

It is true that my value and worth is complete without a man. I am designed by God to fulfill His purposes, right here and now, without a husband.

A friend said the other day, “But I’m tired of dealing with household crisis alone. I need a handyman!” Would be nice, huh? Well, I have a husband and still find myself learning to fix a lot of things on my own. It’s not my natural giftedness, but I’ve survived. Hernia and tendonitis aside from doing tasks that my body couldn’t cope with have been a livable consequences.

I’m married. It’s not a good marriage. I’m going to be brutally honest here: It’s been years since I’ve had sex. A man sometimes sleeps in my bed, I sign his name to checks and a tax return (but the direct deposit goes for that return goes into his checking account and kept from me). There are no hugs, kisses, gifts, words of affirmation, offers to help with projects.

It’s not that I don’t desire sex or affection. I do! I am a romantic. I write romance novels. I crave being wooed and cherished and because I’ve seen good marriages, I know it’s not just the stuff of fiction.

Is Jesus really enough?

Is He enough for every unfulfilled longing?

Sex is a powerful desire, so is love, security, to serve or fulfill a lifelong dream that was denied.

We all have longings and many struggle with unfulfilled desires.  Everyone has limits on how we meet those challenges. I think God sometimes leaves us with holes because we are forced then to come to him instead of feeling like we have it all covered on our own strength.  It’s not comfortable or fun, but then most of the challenges in life (and we all have them) aren’t.

How about you, is Jesus enough for the trial you are in?

Blessings, Lilly Grace


No Gift?

I’ve been feeling a bit blue this Christmas. Financially things are worse than ever. My marriage isn’t good and I’m just feeling depressed about the fact that my difficult challenges in my marriage, are unlikely to change any time soon.

I also know that while there are gifts under the tree for my kids, and even something for my husband, there is nothing for me. Nada. And as I didn’t get anything for my birthday or anniversary from my husband, I doubt there will be anything under the tree with my name on it.

Waaah. Big baby, aren’t I?  I love to give gifts and yes, I do enjoy receiving at least SOME token that someone thought of me. Not to be. So kick me in the behind for having a pity party.

Because this isn’t my birthday anyway. This is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.  A holy day set aside to remember that the Creator of the Universe deigned to come down in human flesh and endure life on this planet, to safe ungrateful, rude, sinful, selfish, human beings.

Like me.

So instead of moaning about what I won’t get for Christmas, or that I couldn’t enjoy buying and wrapping gifts for people who have blessed me this year. . . I need to think differently. What instead do I have to offer the God who has sacrificially suffered, died and then rose again, simply to have a relationship with me?

My heart is really all I have. I can do a million things for Jesus but not have them mean anything if my heart is not fully devoted to Him.

How do I do that? By spending time with Him. By giving Him all of who I am, my thoughts, my dreams, my desires. Laying that at His feet to do with as He wills. He is my sovereign King.

So this Christmas, I will not be sleeping in. I will be spending time in the quiet, in the solitude, to simply be. Be with the One who loves me more than any human on earth.

And in so doing, I will find my greatest treasure and joy.